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Courses / Digital Marketing

About this Course

Course Material:

  • Presentation (250+ Slides)
  • Theory (180+ Pages)
  • 8 Mobile Test (30 Questions Each)
  • 8 Online Test (20 Questions Each)
  • Video Lectures
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing (DM)
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Display Advertising (DA)
  • Pricing Models (CPC, CPM, CPA)
  • Email Marketing (EM)
  • Mobile Marketing (MM)
  • E-commerce

Language of instruction:



  • Understand digital media.
  • Different types of digital media & their strength.
  • The way customer interacts with digital media.
  • Skills to strategize and execute campaigns on digital media.
  • Strategize marketing through smart devices.

About the instructor

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Panvel , India
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Schedule & Syllabus

  PPT - Introduction to Accounting
  Theory - Introduction to Accounting
  Introduction to Accounting (Online Test)
   PPT -Principles & Concepts of Accounting
  Theory - Principles & Concepts of Accounting
   GAAP (Online Test)
  PPT - Accounting Mechanics
  Theory - Accounting Mechanics
   Accounting Mechanics (Online Test)
  PPT - Journal Entry
  Illustrations - Journal Entry
  Journal Entry (Online Test)
  PPT - Ledger Posting
  Ledger Posting (Online Test)
  PPT - Trial Balance
   Trial Balance (Online Test)
   PPT - Sole Proprietorship
  Sole Proprietorship (Online Test)
  PPT - Capital & Revenue Items
  PPT - Company Final Account (_T_ Form)
  PPT - Company Final Account (Vertical)
  Illustrations - Company Final Account (Vertical)
     Company Final Account (Online Test)
  PPT - Depreciation
   Illustrations - Depreciation
  PPT - Inventory Valuation
  Illustrations - Inventory Valuation
  Lecture 1 - Fund Flow Statement
  Illustration 1 - Fund Flow Statement
   PPT - Fund Flow Statement
   Illustrations - Fund Flow Statement
   Fund Flow Analysis (Online Test)
   Lecture 1 - Cash Flow Statement
   Illustration 1 - Cash Flow Statement
   PPT - Cash Flow Statement
   Illustrations - Cash Flow Statement
   Cash Flow Analysis (Online Test)